The cosiest of our winter cabin selection

Log cabins.

These simple shelters have been synonymous with winter holidays since the beginning of time.

A log cabin represents simplicity, they bring us back to the essentials and make us ask ourselves what is important…

To that we respond with underfloor heating, a pizza oven and a wood fired hot tub.

Our winter cabins redefine what it means to be a log cabin – why settle for just the essentials when you can immerse yourself in luxury? We understand what makes a log cabin is its simplicity, so we’ve made it easier than ever to find the winter break of your dreams.

Kabn Company, 2 cabins, West Coast of Scotland, each sleeps 2 17. Kabn Company Large

Where to find the perfect spot

You may be asking, where do I start? Where do I find the perfect place to take my loved ones? Surely these log cabins are in the middle of nowhere?

You’d be right in assuming that – winter cabins are usually in the middle of nowhere. However, our cosy cabins can be found all over the country, from the mountains in the Lake District to the forests of the Cotwolds. No matter where you are, your next holiday is always situated close.

Now that you’ve found the perfect cabin to ride out the winter weather in, let’s discuss what you’ll find inside. Keeping with a rustic theme, our log cabins come equipped with a wood burning stove, a private hot tub and stunning views all round.

With all that being said, let’s take a look at where you’ll be spending your winter break.

Light the fireplace and bundle up

Our winter log cabins selection

Kabn Company, West Coast of Scotland

Kabn Company, 2 cabins, West Coast of Scotland, each sleeps 2 1. Kabn Company Cover Photo

Starting off strong, these are two minimalist eco cabins meaning you’ll be closer to nature than ever, which is a good thing too because your very own private beach is just a stone toss away.

Wild swimming up north you say? Sign me up.

Each ‘Kabn’ is said to be designed to seamlessly intergrate with the gorgeous local area. What do I mean by that? The cabins feature floor to ceiling glass windows with an open plan living area, allowing you to soak up the views of the loch – and let’s not forget that mountain range.

For the bedrooms, each of the cabins contain a king sized bed – plenty of room for those looking for a romantic escape. The interior design draws from both Japanese and Scandinavian contempory design, so if you enjoy a taste of culture and classy interior design, this cabin hideaway could be the location for you.

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Well Furlong Shepherd's Retreat, Cotswolds

Well Furlong Shepherds Retreat, Cotswolds, Sleeps 2-4 152748

If luxurious privacy is what you’re looking for, look no further than the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, where Well Furlong Shepherd’s Retreat has all you need to relax.

This lovely cabin offers a unique L-shaped layout, surrounded by 80-acres of farmland. The rustic design is complemented by a private hot tub on the deck, along with a wood burning stove to keep you warm during the chillier nights.

If being surrounded by the snow is for you, the cabin deck comes with an area for al fresco dining and there are dozens of hiking routes through the countryside.

What will you find? A secret forest? An ancient village? The location is simply perfect for an escape.

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Looking Glass Lodge, Hastings

Looking Glass Lodge, Hastings, Sleeps 2 Looking Glass Lodge 22 2

Looking Glass Lodge is a cabin that lives up to its name. The cabin is surrounded by trees, located in a forest near Hastings – it’s a whole different world, and a relaxing one at that.

To bring the outdoor world closer to you, an entire side of the cabin is, you guessed it, glass. You can sit and relax inside while taking in the gorgeous forest views, relaxing to the stillness of the winter months. You’ll never want to leave the cabin, especially with that underfloor heating making you all cosy.

We strongly recommend that you do however, because (while you have access to a private woodland) the lodge is only a short trip from Hastings. There you can learn all about the famous battle and (spoilers) William the Conqueror’s victory. If you’re a fan of history, this isn’t a trip you’ll soon forget.

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The Captain's Cabin, Highlands

The Captain’s Cabin, Highlands, Sleeeps 2 ScreenShot2021 11 25at2.54.37PM

Speaking of a holiday you won’t forget, this lodge will blow your expectations out of the water. Picture this, a nautical-themed converted chapel based on the shores of the Scottish highlands.

Still not convinced? This unique cabin comes prepared with a observation deck, providing a space for you and your significant other to take in the outstanding views of the sea.

For a remote seaside cabin, you’d assume that the facilities would be antiquated… that couldn’t be further from the truth since this accommodation comes with triple glazed windows and some underfloor heat. There’s no way that your space will be anything but warm and cosy.

We don’t want you sleeping in all day however, there’s plenty to explore in the highlands whether you’re hiking, biking, swimming or boating. For example, the Isle of Mull offers wildlife tours and let’s not forget the ancient history just waiting to be uncovered in this remote corner of the UK.

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In the Vale, The Lake District

In The Vale, The Lake District, 5 huts, each sleep 2 The RED 8 scaled 1

Have you dreamt of going on holiday with your friends to a wilderness cabin? A private space to reconnect with nature? Well you’re in luck, because In the Vale read your mind and made it a reality.

In the Vale know what makes cabins so unique – the privacy. Going on holiday with up to six people in a small room is simply not going to end well. To remedy this, In the Vale offer five huts, with double beds in each of them, and here’s the best part: hot tubs for each of the cabins.

Furthermore, each of the cabins have been expertly crafted using locally sourced materials. The cabins are a perfect hideaway to use as a base for when you’re itching to escape and explore the lake district.

When you’re back from your winter adventure, your hot tubs will be waiting for you with a complimentary sunset and a glass of bubbles.

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The Black Hut, Northumberland

The Black Hut, Northumberland Sleeps 2-4 Photo 25 08 2022 14 03 26

One of the best parts of the winter (in my humble opinion), is the chance to see the Aurora. You may be saying “but blog-writer-person, you can’t see the aurora from the UK!”

To that I respond, “oh but you can, you just have to know where to find it”.

May I introduce you to The Black Hut.

Along with having one of the best views in the UK for stargazing, this cabin also boasts one of the best views of the UK countryside, being based in Northumberland.

This cabin is perfect for a romanctic couple spending the winter holidays together, or perhaps a family looking for a relaxing break – whoever you choose to go with, make sure to make use of the outdoor copper bath, the heat is a lovely contrast to the winter chill.

Speaking of heat, the cabin features a wood burner and BBQ hut, allowing you to be the self catering action star you always dreamt of being. Your guests will be in awe.

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What is a cabin to you?

From the list of lodges before you, I think it’s obvious to say that cabins cannot be categorized into a specific description.

Cabins can be anything: large or small, nestled in the woods or standing on the coast.

Although they are an icon of simplicity, and bring us back to the essentials, a cabin would be nothing without those inside – what good is bundling up inside if you can’t share the warmth?

Cabins do truly make us realise what is important, and it’s those you share them with. Not the hot tubs or wood burners or king-sized bedrooms…

they certainly don’t hurt though.


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