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Millions of years ago, when our ancestors first came down from their trees to explore the woodland around them, they had one goal in mind.

Luxury treehouse stays.

Luxury treehouses with a modern kitchen, king-size beds and underfloor heating. It took us a few years to get there granted, but now you and your family can make your ancestors proud by returning to your forest roots and indulging in one of our fabulous treehouse cabins.


This is treehouse glamping

You’re probably wondering what sets our luxurious treehouses apart from your average backyard project. All of our treehouse holidays come fully equipped with a private hot tub or outdoor bath, meaning you can embrace the great outdoors from the comfort of your very own cabin – not to mention the wood burner and outdoor showers, there to keep you toasty all year round.

But what romantic treehouse would be complete without a King Size bed? Or if family fun is what you’re looking for, many of our treehouses accommodate for the whole family (most are dog-friendly). Without further delay, here is our treehouse collection to inspire you for your luxury treehouse holidays.

Our luxury treehouses selection

The Hesleyside Huts - Skylark, Northumberland

Hesleyside Huts - Skylark, Northumberland

Where to even start with this enchanting treehouse? It looks as if it came straight out of a fairytale; perhaps this is a chance to fulfil a childhood dream?

Imagine waking up on a mezzanine level bed and looking out of the huge windows to see four-thousand acres of woodland. Crossing the treetop walkways to reach your morning bath… only this bath is a free-standing copper bath with panoramic views.

Hungry? Good thing there’s a BBQ area for al fresco dining. This unique treehouse makes the perfect treehouse stay for small families or a romantic break.

Visit Hesleyside Huts – Skylark

Bredon Hill Treehouses, Cotswolds

Bredon Hill Treehouses, Cotswolds

Bredon Hill treehouses consist of two luxury treehouses surrounded by nature, featuring many woodland walks to satiate your cravings for the great outdoors, sitting beneath Bredon Hill in the Cotswolds. If woodland walks are not your style, you can still admire the amazing views from your own treetop canopy – including a designated outdoor eating area, swing chairs and plenty of shady spots to kick back and relax. And what better place to relax than a hot tub? That’s right, this treehouse has a private hot tub right there on the canopy.

Despite having one king size bedroom, this treehouse holiday is perfect for couples and families alike, accommodating up to four guests per cabin with a hidden bunk room, perfect for a family of four.

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The Hesleyside Huts - Raven, Northumberland

The Hesleyside Huts - Raven, Northumberland Raven

Now here’s a unique getaway. This unusual treehouse redefines the term – this cabin is more like a watchtower the size of a tree, much less a traditional tree house.

This treehouse holiday was inspired by Northumberland’s castles and does it show; you’ll feel like you were transported back in time as you relax with your loved ones next to the wood burner, or maybe have some alone time in the handcrafted wooden bathtub?

Although not suitable for children, it is dog friendly and Raven offers a kingsize bed for two and a stargazing rooftop to complete the most romantic of treehouse stays.

Visit Hesleyside Huts – Raven

Sleepy Owl, Devon

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Set in three-acres of Devonshire countryside in the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere Reserve, Sleepy Owl offers a unique place to stay for couples or families. Two treehouses and a converted cowshed have been hand-crafted by local designers who have created boutique interiors that complement the natural surroundings.

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The Treehouses at Leckie, Stirling

The Treehouses at Leckie, Stirling Treehouses 51

A new one for you, this family-sized and dog friendly treehouse holiday is just fourty-five minutes from Glasgow – the perfect getaway for you and the young ones.

Speaking of family, local family the Dicksons are the friendly team responsible for these woodland wonders; there are four treehouse stays available to stay in – all self-catered ready for your banquet in the trees.

Although we can’t go into every detail concerning these splendid cabins (we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises in store), rest assured that Leckie Treehouses offer a plethora of details that will make your stay an unforgettable one. For example, wood burning stoves, outdoor bathtubs, super king-sized beds, etc.

I could go on but I’ll end up booking your stay before you…

But the best part is that all four hand built treehouses are ready for your stay all-year round, so you’ll always have a place at the Leckie treehouses.

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The Treehouses at Lanrick, Perthshire

Lanrick Treehouses Nuthatch Exterior Scotticsh Treehouse

Similar to treehouses at Leckie, these fantastic treehouses are only an hour from Glasgow and perfect for small families or couples. However, the similarities end there.

5 treehouse holidays are on offer at Lanrick, meaning you and your friends can enjoy the beauty of forest from the treetops. Let’s say you want to visit one another, two of the treehouses offer a rope bridge between them – it really is the simple things.

From the simple things to the luxurious, Lanrick is full of surprises – one of those surprises is a woodland sauna with on-site swedish massages (getting group massages has never been easier!)

The lavishness doesn’t end there, as every treehouse features a cosy log burner, treetop terrace and outdoor bath. These treehouses are also ran by the Dicksons, so you know you’ll be recieving the best experience possible. I truthfully couldn’t choose between the Dicksons’ luxury treehouse holidays if I tried.

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Wild Escapes, Hampshire

Wild Escapes, Hampshire a7b4afba 5999 43b3 9443 ec004e799575 carousel 3 (fallow) 1260x840 630

With a name like Wild Escapes, you’d expect to be sleeping Bear-Grylls-style under the trees. Although not as wild (and frankly dangerous), these treehouse cabins combine the best of worlds, treating their guests to a treehouse stay full of adventure and luxury.

Sustainability is Wild Escapes’ priority; they claim that ‘sustainable design can lead to exceptional experiences’ and we’re inclined to agree. These treehouse holidays are surrounded by unspoilt nature, filled to the brim with wildlife – you couldn’t ask for a better place to start an adventure.

To help your adventerous appetite, Wild Escapes offer local produce. Luckily there’s a wood burner and gas BBQ area to unwind after a long day, with some of Hampshire’s best views on your doorstep. These treehouse holidays understand the importance of downtime too.

You create your own story at Wild Escapes, and this will be one you’ll want to tell your friends about.

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Hudnalls Hideout, Wye Valley

Such a dramatic photograph… the sunset, the silhouette of the cabin – this cabin looks like it came straight off the silver screen.

It may as well have because this treehouse stay has everything: comfort, luxury, and my favourite – the pizza oven. This is a total off-grid treehouse experience, a romantic getaway you won’t forget – sorry kids, this one isn’t for you.

For the adults still with us, why don’t you have a long soak in the outdoor bath? When you’re finished, explore 2 acres of private woodland and wild flower meadows. While you’re outside, there are dozens of walking and cycling routes that will show you the full beauty of the Wye Valley.

If you need to disconnect from the outside world with a loved-one, this luxury treehouse might just be for you.

Visit Hudnalls Hideout

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The future of treehouse holidays

Private hot tubs, super king size beds, and a pizza oven? These are not typically things that one would associate with nature; if our ancestors saw how far we’d come… they’d be pretty jealous. If you’ve been inspired to indulge in luxury whilst living close to nature, contact any one of these independently owned properties directly.

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