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The Spa is attached to Well Furlong Cottage, so you don’t have to go outside to access it and can come down in your dressing gowns to relax and swim. It is specifically for your use as guests in the cottage and for our family only, there are no other properties with access to the Spa, which makes it such a unique luxury stay!
As the host family have access to these facilities every day, you will find that although we do use the pool to swim, that you as the cottage guests will spend much more time enjoying the facilities and we will leave you to enjoy exclusive time with your family and friends in this wonderful spa setting.
The Spa has an Indoor Swimming Pool heated at 30 degrees, Steam room and Jacuzzi with plenty of luxurious soft seating to relax and chill with a glass of wine. Because this is exclusive to your party staying in the cottage, you can use the Spa when you like, first thing if the kids are up or after supper for a romantic dip.

A small reminder that Well Furlong Cottage Spa and Tennis Court is exclusively for the Cottage guests with parties of up to 6 to enjoy and relax. If you would like to host additional families and friends, then Soho House, which is set up as a Country Club to do just this, is only 40 minutes away.

The Spa is luxuriously indoor and is heated to 30 degree temparatures at all times of the year. We use one entrance to the Spa, for many reasons: To keep the heat in, to keep the dirt out, to allow both the cottage guests and the host family to use the pool with privacy and most importantly for safety and insurance purposes. Many families (and ours!) have small children and there needs to be one safe and secure entrance and exit to the pool. On very sunny days it may be tempting to ask to open other doors with access to the cottage garden. We don’t feel comfortable doing this for the aforementioned reasons. We are also not insured to do this, God forbid any accidents. Please don’t ask us to open these doors and if this is a deal breaker for you… it may be better to find somewhere with an outdoor pool!

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