Boutique Pampering, Carefully Selected Providers to Help You Relax

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Spa Treatments

We recommend two great Spa Therapists who come onsite to carry out your spa treatments and you can book your treatments ahead of your stay: 

Jennie’s number is 07977564105. 

Beth’s number 07823 770678,

Taxi Numbers: Vale taxis 01386 442 413, Emerald Taxis 01386 761 705, ANC Taxis 01386 765 884, Cliffs taxi’s Eckington

Cakes and Special Celebrations

Nicky at on 07790 024253

Naomi at on 07508983583


Chrissie on 07703 009409

Private Chef

Josh  on 07898 209846,

The Queen Elisabeth Inn
Neil on 07920 210799, Our local pub will provide a chef to cook dinner parties or drop off pre prepared food. 

Joanna Parker on 07951 514172,,

Penny Vallender, Saucy Catering, 07711705388,,

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